The Great Era of Dragon Dance and the Perfect Future

When Nanxi Village’s “Rolling the Golden Dragon” performance, two people drilled into the “dragon body quilt”, one person danced the dragon head and one person danced the dragon tail. The whole performance process is divided into “opening courtesy”, “drilling around the cave”, “yousing in the water”, “squatting the scales”, “Fushun Wen Lei”, “welding the dance”, “driving the clouds”, ” At the end of the ceremony, the eight dance segments, the Dragon Dance in the performance, the play, the playfulness, the contemplation, the softness, the brave and forge ahead.

The accompaniment uses the powerful and sturdy HailuFengzheng opera’s “brand gongs and drums”, and the gongs play different tunes according to different performances. There are [gong gong blame], [Crying Emperor], [hillside sheep], [eight boards Head] and other cards. Rich expressions, numerous routines, wonderful dances and good skills are the basic characteristics of this dance.

Dragon Dance

The History

In 1996, Nanxi Village was awarded the title of “Hometown of National Folk Art” by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture. Rolling Jinlong was incorporated into “Chinese Dance” and won numerous awards in major events at the national and provincial levels.

Pujiang Bench Dragon

Pujiang County is located in the west of central Zhejiang, north of …

LED Dragon Dance

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Do you need to lighten some points of the skin? In this case, know that the delicious almonds, dried fruits with a high content of nutrients, can be your best allies. The combination of almonds and other natural ingredients allows you to obtain fabulous remedies, easy to use and at low cost, for a healthy and well-groomed skin. TO know more, Click Here!

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Honey and almonds to lighten the skin

Honey is a natural sweetener rich in vitamins and minerals, with antibacterial properties of great help in treating acne. These characteristics make it a common ingredient in masks against oily skin. The combination of honey and almonds is also effective against skin blemishes.

Almonds and milk

Another way to take advantage of the lightening action of almonds is to mix them with milk. Calcium contained in milk helps regulate skin tone and stimulates melanocytes cells that have the task of producing melanin or the pigment that colors the skin. In addition, the moisturizing properties of milk make it an essential ingredient of masks against dry skin. Repeat this treatment every day for two consecutive weeks and then only twice a week. You will soon notice the lightening effect of this …

Skin Care

SEO and content marketing: both are important for your web pages

When a person comes to the site through the search of keywords that are related to your content, it shows that what you are publishing has excellent positioning in the results of the search engines. For your site to have proper positioning in searches, the content you post must meet a series of requirements that will be essential to be successful with SEO since the world’s leading search engine changed its algorithms related to searches. With this, significant changes can be perceived in the published content when you search on specific topics. Your goal is to demonstrate how to stay in the top places of organic searches and ensure the success of positioning in Google with the help of SEO and the production of quality content. Finally, SEO and content marketing are both sides of the same coin.


But what are SEO and Content Marketing?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques that seek to increase the ranking of a blog or website and improve its ranking in the results of Google and other search engines.The adoption of SEO strategies is the best way to highlight your blog in the middle of the vast number of sites that …


The enemies of your roof: you should know before you start the work

The main enemies of a roof are age, water, debris, sun, ice and wind. You may have noticed damage such as clumps of leaves or moss, or puddles of rain in some of the geographical areas. Then walk around the perimeter of the house. Look for other spots or marks on the facade or at the corners of the roof. Now is the time to climb the roof, either to peer from a stable ladder or to climb by holding house walls. Not to mention that an amateur should never try to walk on a steep roof because of the risk not worth it.

How to detect the problems?

One of the most straightforward problems to detect is deformation. The edges of asphalt shingles are curling. This indicates the indisputable need to rebuild the shingles completely. More difficult to spot, cracks, blisters and separations can affect the flashing which is the galvanised steel strip visible at the edge and the corners of the roof. If you see water damage inside, but everything else looks healthy, the flashing is usually damaged. In this case, Roof Repair is advisable as quickly as possible by applying a new coat of tar sealer over …


How to choose your DJ for your wedding party?

There are essentials to organize a superb wedding evening, the DJ, the host of your evening are inevitably part.  Music is one of the factors that will determine the success of your evening, its atmosphere, it is better to choose hochzeits dj wien.

The musical atmosphere of your wedding party is just as important as the dishes your guests will discover in their plates or table decoration.

The DJ you are going to call on is responsible for bringing a musical entertainment that will create an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests. He is the person who will animate your wedding party and that will condition for many success or failure. You should choose the right professional who will make this moment unforgettable and entertaining for you and your guests.

The tracks to follow to find the right Dj do not miss. They will also serve you to choose as well for your wedding party for a birthday or other private party.

Define your needs before looking for your DJ

The perfect DJ for your wedding party will be the one that will meet your exact needs. Perhaps you would like him to introduce your favorite songs in his playlist …

Event Planning

Essential Opportunities You can Discover for the Eavestrough Repair Now

A dripping or leaking gutter is a double nuisance. On the one hand, the facade is messed up by dripping dirt and, on the other hand – and this is much worse – the façade is permanently damaged. Therefore, the gutter should be regularly inspected and, if necessary, immediately repaired or sealed. For gutters that have been around for several years and are provided with numerous holes, a repair is usually not worthwhile. Although also the do-it-yourselfer can mount gutters themselves, but with smaller leaks, this is no problem at all and much cheaper than replacing the complete roof drainage system.

For the Guests

Both gutters made of copper and galvanized gutters or plastic gutters can be repaired. The industry has developed various processes and products for this purpose. From this there are egg repair tapes with which, among other things, gutters made of metal and plastic can be sealed. For the Toronto Eavestrough repair this is a very opportunity when you go for the professional deals now. The details are surely there, but you need to be selective now.

  • The self-adhesive sealing tape made of aluminum foil as well as elastomer bitumen and adhesive resins as coating material can

The Common Places for the Purchase of the Used Cars

Unfortunately, the car market is a kind of lottery, buying a used car in good condition, and even for a normal price is not an easy task. In the market, it is often under the guise of a normal car, to the buyer, what is called a “beaten up” car, either a broken or dead car (in terms of wear), or some kind of “drowned man”, that is, a car that has been in the water for a long time.

The Best

In order not to become one of those unlucky, and not fall for the scammers, when trying to buy a car, you should know some secrets and subtleties of the selection procedure.

First of all, determine the budget, that is, the amount you are willing to spend on a used car. It is necessary to take into account the fact that expenses usually exceed the established milestone by 15-20%; this is because after purchase additional expenses will arise in the form of registering a vehicle, costs of re-registration, insurance, passing a vehicle inspection and much more. In addition, before you buy a car, you need to understand that after the acquisition may need minor repairs, which one way …