When Nanxi Village’s “Rolling the Golden Dragon” performance, two people drilled into the “dragon body quilt”, one person danced the dragon head and one person danced the dragon tail. The whole performance process is divided into “opening courtesy”, “drilling around the cave”, “yousing in the water”, “squatting the scales”, “Fushun Wen Lei”, “welding the dance”, “driving the clouds”, ” At the end of the ceremony, the eight dance segments, the Dragon Dance in the performance, the play, the playfulness, the contemplation, the softness, the brave and forge ahead.

The accompaniment uses the powerful and sturdy HailuFengzheng opera’s “brand gongs and drums”, and the gongs play different tunes according to different performances. There are [gong gong blame], [Crying Emperor], [hillside sheep], [eight boards Head] and other cards. Rich expressions, numerous routines, wonderful dances and good skills are the basic characteristics of this dance.

Dragon Dance

The History

In 1996, Nanxi Village was awarded the title of “Hometown of National Folk Art” by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture. Rolling Jinlong was incorporated into “Chinese Dance” and won numerous awards in major events at the national and provincial levels.

Pujiang Bench Dragon

Pujiang County is located in the west of central Zhejiang, north of …