When a person comes to the site through the search of keywords that are related to your content, it shows that what you are publishing has excellent positioning in the results of the search engines. For your site to have proper positioning in searches, the content you post must meet a series of requirements that will be essential to be successful with SEO since the world’s leading search engine changed its algorithms related to searches. With this, significant changes can be perceived in the published content when you search on specific topics. Your goal is to demonstrate how to stay in the top places of organic searches and ensure the success of positioning in Google with the help of SEO and the production of quality content. Finally, SEO and content marketing are both sides of the same coin.


But what are SEO and Content Marketing?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques that seek to increase the ranking of a blog or website and improve its ranking in the results of Google and other search engines.The adoption of SEO strategies is the best way to highlight your blog in the middle of the vast number of sites that …