Do you need to lighten some points of the skin? In this case, know that the delicious almonds, dried fruits with a high content of nutrients, can be your best allies. The combination of almonds and other natural ingredients allows you to obtain fabulous remedies, easy to use and at low cost, for a healthy and well-groomed skin. TO know more, Click Here!

Clear Skin
Honey and almonds to lighten the skin

Honey is a natural sweetener rich in vitamins and minerals, with antibacterial properties of great help in treating acne. These characteristics make it a common ingredient in masks against oily skin. The combination of honey and almonds is also effective against skin blemishes.

Almonds and milk

Another way to take advantage of the lightening action of almonds is to mix them with milk. Calcium contained in milk helps regulate skin tone and stimulates melanocytes cells that have the task of producing melanin or the pigment that colors the skin. In addition, the moisturizing properties of milk make it an essential ingredient of masks against dry skin. Repeat this treatment every day for two consecutive weeks and then only twice a week. You will soon notice the lightening effect of this …