Do you need to lighten some points of the skin? In this case, know that the delicious almonds, dried fruits with a high content of nutrients, can be your best allies. The combination of almonds and other natural ingredients allows you to obtain fabulous remedies, easy to use and at low cost, for a healthy and well-groomed skin. TO know more, Click Here!

Clear Skin
Honey and almonds to lighten the skin

Honey is a natural sweetener rich in vitamins and minerals, with antibacterial properties of great help in treating acne. These characteristics make it a common ingredient in masks against oily skin. The combination of honey and almonds is also effective against skin blemishes.

Almonds and milk

Another way to take advantage of the lightening action of almonds is to mix them with milk. Calcium contained in milk helps regulate skin tone and stimulates melanocytes cells that have the task of producing melanin or the pigment that colors the skin. In addition, the moisturizing properties of milk make it an essential ingredient of masks against dry skin. Repeat this treatment every day for two consecutive weeks and then only twice a week. You will soon notice the lightening effect of this mask.

Lemon and almonds

Lemon is an excellent ingredient in cooking, but it also offers incredible effects in the field of beauty. One of its major properties is the lightening action, both on the skin and on the hair. Use this remedy based on lemon and almonds only at night because in contact with sunlight it can cause dry skin and stains. In addition, if your skin tends to stain, choose a cream that can also offer good sun protection to reduce the risk of unwanted pigmentation. Spread on the face and under the eyes. Be careful not to let it enter your eyes.  Leave to work overnight and rinse in the morning with plenty of lukewarm water.

Egg and almonds

Another good way to lighten the skin by using almonds is to mix them with the egg. The eggs, both cooked and raw are rich in precious proteins. In this case you will use them raw to obtain incredible benefits on the skin.


Yogurt is a super nutritious food, able to offer excellent results on the gastrointestinal tract and useful to strengthen the immune system. In addition to this, it is an effective moisturizer for the face. It features antibacterial properties that can fight acne. Its lactic acid softens the skin. It acts as a natural lightening.

Conclusion: Apply to your face and leave on for a quarter of an hour

These masks are really easy to prepare and are based on easy-to-find ingredients.Remember to be constant. In general, it is recommended that you apply them every day for two weeks, and then reduce them once or twice a week.If you do not cause excessive discomfort, the ideal would be to let the masks work all night. If not, remove them before going to sleep.At the end, never forget to apply your favorite face cream.